Alan Wong's Restaurant

The variety that can be found at Alan Wong’s Restaurant is absolutely amazing. It ranks in the top 3 places to eat in Honolulu by not only tourists but locals as well. Their cuisines range from traditional Hawaiian, Seafood, Polynesian, Asian, Pacific Rim, and even American. If you have a specific craving or maybe you have a family of picky eats this place will definitely have every ones approval.

Whether you have a large budget or just looking for a cheap dinner everything here is affordable. Most dishes range between $10 and $40 but may vary depending on the season and the amount of people in your party.

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One bonus that is offered while dining at this particular restaurant is the Chef’s bar which allows you to observe while the staff prepares your food. It’s an interesting experience to watch these magnificent chefs hard at work.

Chef Alan is not any ordinary guy but a celebrity chef. His restaurant has been featured in several top magazines in Hawaii and around the world. They have been given high reviews on their “works of art” – the salads, entrees, appetizers,  and desserts. Alan and his staff get very creative in the way their food is decorated and served.

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While all of their food is exceptionally good they are most known for their seafood. Those who prefer fish dishes more often than not opt to eat here as regulars. If you have the chance to visit Honolulu make sure to visit Alan and his wonderful staff while there.

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