Leonard’s Bakery

Dubbed by the locals as the “Temple of Temptation”, Leonard’s Bakery is located on Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, Oahu. Leonard’s Bakery is a famous bakery that is open for breakfast and brunch with a modest price range where the most expensive items are just around twenty dollars. They have been in business sense 1952 and have become well known for their famous one dollar malasadas which are said to be the best anywhere.

Malasadas were originally a Portuguese confection and are basically fist sized balls of yeast dough which are deep fried to a golden brown and then coated with granulated sugar and are best served hot. Some types of malasadas are made with fillings inside to give them their own unique flavor. Be sure ask the counter person what fillings they have that day. Some of the local favorites are the chocolate malasadas which are filled with a semi-sweet chocolate pudding and make for a chocolate lovers dream come true. They also have vanilla malasadas which are filled with a delicious vanilla pudding and are simply fantastic. Another of the local favorites worth mentioning is the coconut cream filled malasadas which have a wonderful tropical flavor with the essence of Hawaii written all over them.

Leonard’s Bakery is a fully operational bakery and makes and assortment of delectable goods such as hot cross buns, traditional doughnuts, pies, tarts, croissants and even wedding cakes for special orders. Next time you get to the island of Honolulu make sure to stop by Leonard’s Bakery and find out why this is the Bakery people can’t quit talking about.

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