What to see in waiikiki while vising

Waik?k? beach looking towards Diamond Head
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One of the best benefits of staying at an Oahu vacation rental is the ability to easily and conveniently reach the dynamic and interesting neighborhood of Waikiki. The historic and world-renown tourist district is located on the island’s southern shores and features some of Hawaii’s most exquisite cuisine and largest selection of luxury boutiques, brand-name retailers, and other fun stops. A walkable area, visitors can spend endless nights wandering the streets window shopping, eating delectable food, and being subjected to some of the finest entertainment.

The Waikiki Beach Walk is the largest development in Waikiki and is a must-see for people visiting Waikiki. The beach walk is an impressive plaza that is designed for shopping and play. Featuring nearly fifty retailers, sixteen dining establishments, and five hotels, the beach walk brings together all of the essentials of a good night on the town. Beautifully built to resemble an outrigger canoe theme, visitors can enjoy the feeling of living in Hawaii all day and night long. It’s not surprising that some of the biggest shoppers will leave the beach walk with dozens of shopping bags in hand. When one gets tired from shopping, a fine eatery is just steps away!

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