Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas

Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas which serves Asian cuisines is one of the top ten best restaurants in Honolulu. People travel from all over the world to eat here while vacationing in paradise. Tourists and locals alike will  tell you the uniqueness that this place holds and how well the dining experience is here.

This particular restaurant is often compared to the Alan Wong’s but with a few small differences including cheaper food and less hype. So if your looking for great food for a less price this is the place for you. Unlike many of the restaurants in Honolulu you have breathing room here. They do not cram people in like most other places do so you have more elbow space to move about and enjoy your dinner.

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The helpings that you receive are very generous for the low amount that you actually pay. Most dishes are meant to be shared between a couple or family. This not only works with any budget but also allows you to try a variety of food when ordering more than one plate but sharing. Many will tell you that if seafood is what you desire this is the place to eat.

Its recommended by many locals as a place to sit, relax and eat without the rush and bustle of some of the busier places in Honolulu.

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