Orchid's Restaurant

Orchids is a great place to eat for breakfast or brunch. While you may eat there at different times of day its normally occupied during the morning or midday. They offer outdoor seating for those who prefer to eat while taking in the amazing views.You will find seafood and contemporary combinations here so no reason to worry about not what liking whats on the menu.

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The price range is a bit higher here than other places but its definitely worth it. You can expect to pay anywheres from $50 – $75 for your meal. Of course this may vary depending on what you order and how many people are in your party. While your eating you will often enjoy wonderful music that is often played live. If your a romantic this would be a great place to take your wife out for a quiet lunch.

The Orchids offer not only good food but great service. You may want to order your table in advance by a few days especially on the weekends or near holidays. The desire to eat here is great so make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.

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You can find almost all of your seafood favorites here including shrimp, lobster on risotto, scallops, and much more. Of course you can’t leave without trying some of their yummy desserts. Every penny spent at the Orchids is worth the great food, amazing service, and breath taking views.

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