Duke's Restaurant & Canoe Club

Duke’s Restaurant & Canoe Club is a great place for those who love seafood to eat. The variety of atmosphere here is sure to please almost everyone. Whether you and your significant other are looking for a romantic dining experience or if you and your friends are out looking for a great meal, Duke’s Restaurant & Canoe Club will not leave you disappointed.

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When vacationing with the whole family, the sometimes rambunctious little ones aren’t always welcomed at certain restaurants. Duke’s Restaurant & Canoe Club is very child-friendly so no need to worry about bringing the whole crew. Nature lovers and tourists who simply can’t get enough of the sweet and salty ocean breeze you will love the outdoor seating which is available upon request. On average you will spend approximately $30 on per meal. Of course this will vary depending on certain things such as their enticing appetizers,  delectable desserts and after dinner drinks.

Duke’s Restaurant & Canoe Club has become a tourist attraction with many people flocking to it in hopes of seeing their vast collection of great photos and learning many of the historical stories behind their foundation. There are many other nice restaurants in this area but Duke’s Restaurant & Canoe Club always seems to be one of the most popular choices for hundreds of locals and tourists alike.

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With great food, reasonable prices and breath taking view this should be on your list as a dining experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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